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We are the only place in Kuwait and the GCC that can help you design and print locally your own unique and personalized Fashion fabrics. We are based in Kuwait and we can you make a compelling fashion brand.

We are a Textile and Fashion Design Studio that helps you building a unique and attractive brand. Whether you have a fashion brand or thinking of starting your new fashion business, I am sure our expertise and service can add great value to your business.

Our expertise includes:

Textile Designing, Printing and embroidery
Fashion Designs & styling consultancy
Trends and Colours Forecasting
Luxury Fashion & Branding

Design your T-Shirt in 3 Simple Steps:

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2) Click on Upload - to apply your design
3) Check out - Yeah that's it. (We ship to almost every where in the world)

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About Textile Boutique

Textile Boutique is a Kuwaiti company run by a husband and wife who have passion about the field of Textile Designing, Printing and Fashion Industry. Their goal is to start their own fashion brands and to support the local and regional fashion brands to elevate, prosper and compete with the international brands. One major competitive advantage that we can offer every fashion brand is to create and highlight its brand theme and identity on its fabrics and designs.

Our Design Team is led by Dr. Muna Jafar, who holds PhD and Master degrees in Textile & Fashion Design. She is happy to help local and regional fashion brands to move levels up and compete with international fashion brands.